What can our Concrete Mats be used for?

What can our Concrete Mats be used for?

Color Pave stocks a range of mats used for a new driveway, patio, or path. In recent years imprinted concrete has become an excellent way of injecting life into your home. Our imprinted concrete mats are available in different textures, sizes, and patterns. We have over 50 designs, including stone, slate, cobble, brick, and wood patterns, with decorative multi-swirl, compass, and circle designs. You can be sure your home will stand out from the crowd by choosing one of our mats.

Imprinted Concrete Mats come with many benefits, such as low maintenance, the concrete surface stops the chance of weed growth, is long lasting, and is designed to last for many years. The mats are available in different degrees of flexibility to accommodate the project you are undertaking.

We supply rigid mats used for stamping most of the concrete. Every Rigid mat is colour coded so you can tell them apart. Our single floppy mats are used for stamping sections where the rigid mats won’t fit. These stamps can be bent to ensure the texture is imprinted when working close to walls or other obstacles.

If you are looking to install stamped concrete, we recommend completing stamping on newly poured concrete. Once the concrete has been poured and you’ve given the concrete enough time to set to the proper consistency, colour release agents are then applied. However, the work doesn’t stop there, you still need to install joints, complete delicate work and apply a sealer.

When you’re applying a sealer to a driveway/patio using one of our specialist sealers, it will not only protect it from staining but will also contribute to fighting to remove excessive moisture which can lead to moss growing on your surface.

Stamped concrete can be challenging to install yourself because you only have one opportunity to get it right. You cannot come back to it at a later date, and you cannot re-do it if you are not satisfied with the finish. It’s a task best left to specialists. If you have any doubts, check out our website to see the full range of products we supply. Click here.

Color Pave also supply alternative mats that are popular with customers:

  • Brick/Tile Concrete Imprint Stamp Mats – This selection of mats gives the impression of bricks and/or stone surfaces. The Basket Weave Brick Imprint Mat has a distinctive two brick horizontal next to a two brick vertical imprint pattern.
  • Wood Grain Concrete Imprint Stamp Mats – Perfect for stamped concrete. Most consumers use it for a little area outside of their homes.
  • Circular Compass Stamp Mat – Special compass pattern for your driveway/patio.
  • Cobblestone Mats – Our popular Cheshire Cobblestone Imprint Mat has a multi-sized cobblestone pattern on four layers
  • Stone Slate Concrete Imprint Stamp Mats – We provide a collection of slate and stone combined multi-sized and multi-textured concrete imprint mats.

Checkout our other concrete imprint mats here.

We are the only UK manufacturer of concrete imprint mats which are crafted by specialists at Color Pave using the highest quality Polyurethane resins.

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