Wall Render

Wall Render

Art-Rend Decorative Plaster is a very advanced lightweight wall render. Designed to recreate many of the natural products used in all types of construction. Including walling, rock carving and sculpting.


A whole new range of possibilities are created with Art-Rend. Perfect for Plasterers, Theming Artists and Sculptors. Builders and Developers, Interior Designers and Homeowners alike, only limited by your imagination. Art-Rend wall render covering is the coating of external walls, whilst plastering is the coating of interior walls.


A long-lasting, lightweight and versatile bagged render product. It provides a stunning finish to internal and external walls. Great for other projects too, such as theme parks, fishponds and kennels!


Use with vertical stamping surfaces, ready to use. All you need to do is mix with water. Art-Rend decorative plaster is available in a variety of colours and designs. With excellent adhesion properties on every surface. It protects both internal and external walls.


Our Stone Effect Render doesn’t just come finished in stone, it can be finished as slate, brick, or wood. Thousands of colour and texture combinations are available.