Top 5 Most Popular Stamp Mats

Top 5 Most Popular Stamp Mats

Here at Color Pave, we supply a wide range of concrete imprint stamp mats in over 50 designs, including stone, slate, cobble, brick, and wood patterns, but what are the most popular?

Color Pave offers a selection of wood grain stamp mats varying in depth and size. Our Single Woodplank Stamp Mat set contains 1 combination of the Wood Grain Pattern. They are perfect for walls, positioned either vertically or horizontally. Vertical orientation seems taller, and horizontal seems longer. In-demand design consumers go for is to have a contrast of both, which delivers an amazing effect. Wood grain is also perfect for paths, floors, and courtyards. 

Our Imprinted Concrete Circular Compass Stamp is crafted by experts in our factory using the highest quality Polyurethane Resins. This stamp mat is a unique, classic design used for patios, driveways, and courtyards and used on vertical surfaces for a wall imprint. You can purchase our Compass Mat in Caramel and Bronze Acid Stain.

We also supply a collection of stone, coarse slate, fine slate, and other textured flexible skins in various sizes. Our highly popular Imprinted Concrete Slate texture stamp for course texture in 15cm/60cm/91cm/122cm skins.

It is often used to add texture to the areas difficult to reach that your regular imprinted mats can’t get to. Another use is to create large areas of seamless texture in a common pattern.

Color Pave supplies a range of stamped concrete border options including Slate, Stone, Wood, and Brick finishes. We have many patterns available for you to choose from, including our standard London Cobblestone border mat, single-layered with a multi-sized cobblestone pattern.

We also stock cobblestone individual bricks in a set of 8. Create cobblestone stamps for imprinted concrete. This is where stamped concrete gets its name because installers stamp on the printing mats to force them into the concrete to create the textured effect of natural paving. 

Last but not least, it is impossible not to mention Brick/Tile Concrete Imprint Stamp Mats. This selection of mats gives the impression of bricks and/or stone surfaces. The Herringbone Brick Imprint Mat creates a herringbone brick pattern five courses wide. 

To see all of our stamp mats, click here.

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