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Floor Screed


Zirco-Top overlay floor screed is an innovative system for the individual design of concrete or screed surfaces. It can be applied using a variety of techniques including brushing, spraying, wiping, stamping or filling.

Micro-Top has been designed and developed in Italy and offers a seamless, contemporary surface for your floors and walls.
We stock a range of products, equipment and have technical advice for you to achieve the highest quality finish.

Micro-Top is a material made up of liquid polymer and a special cement mixture that is blended manually before each application depending on the final aesthetic the customer has chosen. With a thickness of around 2 millimetres, Micro-Top can cover most types of surface due to its outstanding adhesive properties. It is resistance to impact, abrasions and compression which make it suitable for areas of heavy traffic including retail spaces, corridors and stairs, whether these be interior or exterior. Micro-Top can be customised to a high degree, in colour, tonal variations, texture and finish.