Imprinted Concrete Starter Tool Set-Extra large Mats



Imprinted Concrete Starter Kit

Each Imprinted Concrete Starter Kit contains one set of mats choose from Deep jointed Cobble, Grand Ashlar, La harbra, Regal Ashlar, Belgian Cobble and Yorkstone Paving.

  • 60″ Aluminium Snap Handle 35mm x 2
  • Knuckle Head adaptor x 2
  • 48″ Magnesium Bull Float
  • 36″ x 9″ Blue Stainless-Steel Float
  • 20″ Blue Steel Trowel
  • 18″ Hand Magnesium Float
  • Pull Krete with Handle (Rake)
  • 6″ x 4″ Blue Steel Hand Edger
  • 36″ Double Roller Tamper with Snap Handle Adaptor
  • Metal Pounder 200mm x 200mm
  • Kneeling Board
  • Pattern Imprinted DVD and Training Manual
Additional Information
Weight70 kg

Regal Ashlar, Belgian Cobble, Deep Jointed Cobble, Yorkstone/Porcelain Slate, Grand Ashlar Slate, Le Harbra Slate