Acid Stains

Acid Stain for Imprinted Concrete


Stamped Concrete can give a beautiful appearance to either a driveway or patio. Some of you may want to add colour to your stamped concrete, known as stained stamped concrete. You can stain new stamped concrete before it has been sealed. Before you begin acid staining, you will want to wait until your stamped concrete is 28 days old.


Our Concrete Acid Stains are designed to enhance the appearance of concrete and other surface materials. It has been proven in thousands of commercial and residential applications to create a beautiful and unique flooring surface. Acid stains produce unusual and permanent colour effects in concrete. Each concrete acid stain creates uneven colour effects that simulate the natural shadings and aged appearance of stone or masonry. The colour effect is unique to each stained surface and cannot be duplicated with other materials.


Concrete acid staining is one of the oldest methods of colour concrete. Acid stains react with the cement to change the colour which creates a range of earthy and unique colours. The colours we supply here at Color Pave are an array of subtle tones, such as Bronze, Caramel, Coffee, Caribbean blue, Ebony, Jade, and Mahogany.

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