How long does Driveway Sealer last?

How long does Driveway Sealer last?

Driveway sealer is an effective way to protect and extend the life of your driveway. Once the sealer is applied correctly, it should last anywhere from three to five years. We recommend you consult with a professional before beginning to seal as there is a range of factors that will show how long the chosen sealer will last.

The factors include the type of sealer you are going to use, the level of maintenance, and also the weather conditions will all play a role when determining the longevity of the driveway sealer.

Why is it a good idea to seal your concrete driveway?

There are many reasons why sealing your concrete driveway is a good idea, especially if you have recently installed a new driveway or you have an existing driveway which hasn’t been sealed for years. By choosing to seal your concrete, you are keeping it in the best condition possible, as you are protecting the concrete from weathering, staining, and other damage that may occur.

What time of year is best to seal your driveway

Here at Color Pave, we believe the best time to seal your driveway is usually during the spring and summer months – between May and October. However, the entire patio or driveway must be dry with no rain forecast for ideally at least 24 hours after application. If the forecast has changed, and it does start to rain, you should wait for the rainfall to stop.

Once you have inspected the damage, and the damage is minimal, you can then add another fresh coat to the affected surface and smooth out any uneven patches. You should also check if any further rain is predicted and plan for at least 24 hours of dry weather, so the sealant can be cured properly. If the rainfall has been significant, most of the sealer will have been washed away from the concrete or asphalt. You will then need to remove the original seal with a pressure washer and complete the process again in the appropriate conditions.


It’s difficult to put an exact timescale on how long your driveway sealer will last. As long as you seal your driveway at the correct time of year in suitable weather conditions the sealer has a much higher chance of lasting. However, if you wait too long to seal it or do it in the wrong conditions, you might find your driveway needs to be resealed in as short as one year.
Here at Color Pave, we believe you should regularly inspect your driveway for damages and reapplying sealer as needed can help ensure you get the most out of it. Driveway sealer is an easy way to keep your drive looking good while effectively protecting it from wear and tear.

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