Can I Recolour my Imprinted Concrete?

Can I Recolour my Imprinted Concrete?

If you currently own an imprinted concrete driveway, and it’s starting to age with the colour deteriorating you may feel like it is the perfect time to change the colour of your imprinted concrete driveway. In this blog, we discuss imprinted concrete in-depth and discover whether you can re-colour imprinted concrete.

Imprinted Concrete is a skilled technique of implementing colours to freshly poured concrete on surfaces such as driveways, paths, and patios. People often refer to imprinted concrete as a unique choice for your surface compared to other options, such as block paving and tarmac. Many driveway owners are looking for cost-effective ways to give their driveway a fresh appearance without having to replace it and recolouring your imprinted concrete driveway could be your best solution.

Can I colour the concrete after it has dried?

Colouring the concrete after it has dried depends on whether the concrete surface has been sealed. You cannot colour the dried concrete if it has not been sealed, so you can then colour it with a suitable staining solution.

However, if the concrete surface has been sealed, then unfortunately you won’t be able to colour the surface. Instead, you’ll need to remove the sealer using a solvent before you can attempt to stain the concrete in your preferred shade.

How do I colour imprinted concrete?

Your first task is to purchase a concrete staining product in the colour of your choice. Here at Color Pave, we supply a large range of concrete colouring products, so you have many options when it comes to finding the perfect shade of staining solution for your driveway or patio.

Next, you’ll need to remove the layer of sealant from the imprinted concrete driveway. The role of sealant helps to apply the colour and prevent it from fading and must be removed using a suitable solvent stripper before recolouring. Once the layer has been successfully removed, you’ll be able to complete the next step.

Now you can apply the concrete colour by following the instructions of the colouring product you’ve chosen. However, usually, the concrete stain can be easily applied using either a roller with an extensive pole or a sprayer. While you apply the product, you should try to maintain an even layer and if necessary, apply several layers to achieve a smooth and even finish.

Once stained, you can start the resealing process. The driveway sealer you are going to use can easily be picked up from our website for an affordable price.


We hope you have enjoyed our blog on recolouring imprinted concrete. We believe here at Color Pave, that one of the best parts of owning an imprinted driveway is that you can change the colour of the concrete whenever you want to. Choosing to install an imprinted driveway gives you many opportunities in the future to re-colour and change how you want it to look.  

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