About Us

Chemicals for imprinted concrete from Color-pave


We are a UK based manufacturer of chemicals for imprinted concrete. Overlay screeds, vertical render systems and acid stains. Imprinting mats, colour hardeners, integral colour, release agents, printable renders, sealers and re-sealers.


Our Imprinted Concrete Chemicals include Colour Hardeners in 20 different colours. Release Agents as liquid or dry powder. Sealers in gloss or satin. Imprinting mats with over 50 designs. Manufactured in cobble, ashlar, stone, slate and wood patterns. We manufacture all our own chemicals and printable renders at our facilities. Based in Garstang, Lancashire and supplying the UK.


We also sell a full range of driveway maintenance chemicals. These include block paving sealers, patio sealers, Imprinted concrete sealer and renovator. You can change these to include anti-slip agents, matting agents, coloured tints. We also sell training DVD’s with full instruction manuals.


All types of driveway and patio surfaces enjoy clear concrete sealers. Most block paving, natural stone and concrete paving will benefit from waterproofing. This will also protect against dust, oil, dirt, grease, moss and weeds.


Concrete sealers work to reduce the wear of your concrete. It stops water from entering the surface and stops the loss of the colour on the imprinted concrete. Wear and tear will be to the concrete sealer and not the concrete colour. The sealer will inhibit the growth of algae moss and weeds in block paving. It protects wet concrete and block paving against frost. Thus stopping eventual shailing and flaking of the concrete.


We sell all our driveway repair systems under the trade name of Swiss-Seal. The full range can is here www.swiss-seal.co.uk.


Our sister site Swiss-Seal now sells a range of water based eco-friendly products. Acrylic, polyurethane and fluoro-polymer based, these compliment our current range.