Color Pave is a UK based manufacturer of high-quality chemicals, tools and imprinted concrete supplies for driveways and patios. We manufacture at our Preston Factory a vast range of Concrete Imprint Mats and Skins


We are open from 7.30am till 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Call in and see us at any time, you will be welcome.

London Cobble Slide driveway sealer cobblemat london cobble matt > Charcoal Colour Hardener and Release Agent
> High Solids Sealer Gloss finish
European Fan Slide driveway sealer circlemat European Fan >Slate Grey hardener with Charcoal release
>High Solids Sealer Satin finish
Compass Slide imprinted concrete sealer compassmatt Compass Mat >Caramel and Bronze acid stain in compass
>Bath stone colour hardener with light brown release agent
>High solids gloss sealer
Clear sealer slide concrete sealer
High Solids Clear Imprinted
Sealer Renovator Products
A Quality Range of Clear Strong Imprinted Driveway/Patio Sealers
in Gloss or Satin Finish with Anti-Slip

Tools & Accessories

tools and accessories


Swiss-Seal Imprinted Sealer Gloss

Imprinting Mats

imprinted concrete sealers

Imprinting Chemicals

coloured concrete sealers

Art Rend

wall render


floor screed


greek art rend


driveway sealer

Concrete Imprint Stamp Mat Suppliers


We are a UK based manufacturer of high-quality supplies for driveways and patios, including Concrete Imprint Stamp Mats, and Imprinted Concrete Chemicals.

Color-Pave is based in Preston, Lancashire, where we manufacture concrete imprint stamp mats, texture skins, release agents, acid stains and colour hardeners. Our factory facility also produces overlay concrete screed and Art-Rend Printable printable wall render.